Grass straw

Love natural event
Love natural event


Grass straw have 3 type of straw. F1- just dired in 7 days, C1- and premiume grass straw. It will have different (in Self-life of dried grass straw, Thickness and ball…) pls check detail below. We have biggest capacity with minimum cost from 0.02$/pcs.

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Grass straw


And we have store in US or on Amazon to buy sample.

Or gold supplier account (trusted and verify by

LOVE NATURAL Invest to create best trading values (Download our catalogue here)

Love natural ltd is leader investing for trading with No 1 capacity and high quality product.

Our passion to become a social enterprise to solve and reduce plastic straw, bowl… on the planet.

We work and invest directly for farmer to increase their product value also increase their income such as: invest solar house, control bio fertilizer (worm earth), technical support…

We share our mission with young genaration.

Love natural event

My address is Blocb B, CBD premiume home, 125 Dong van cong, District 2, HCM, VNAfter that Take a picture for me, pls.
Note: Western Union often have verify question by email/fone, after you make tranaction 1-5h. So please check email, fone to verify it.

Or 2. Via my PayPal (plus $5 for service fee & 3% for low exchange rate; please choose as transfer to a friend)

You pay us and take a picture, after that we will send you shipping Invoice.  ”

3. Any other cheaper than Grass straw? Rice straw?

Rice straw cheaper than grass straw and can produce with big volume, but it is not nature product. Can feed for animal. It is better than paper straw with many glue.

Diameter of grass straw is 4-8mm so just for drink coffee, water only. For juice or milktea you should drink by bamboo straw or rice straw – with diametter from 4-12mm.

Please take 2 mins to quick check our full quotation here (rice straw, bamboo straw, and grass straw… ):




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