Production capacity

Farmers play an important role in our production capacity. We transfer technology and guide them to create quality products. And they have succeeded when applying high technology to production, improving productivity and quality. Since then, they have improved their lives and stable incomes. With our Hay Straw products, these wonderful farmers make 15-20 million tubes / month. All products are made based on International Standards specified for food safety systems. A systematic preventive approach to food safety

Pipe straw grass

Almond straws are used to replace plastic straws, Completely natural products with strict production and quality management processes, so they are very clean, absolutely safe for health, do not affect. to the taste of the drink


Apply high-tech applications in processing stages and ensure food safety such as ozone jacuzzi with over 92% ± 5% pure oxygen for cleaning and disinfection, automatic sterile drying oven, high-capacity automatic packaging and preliminary processing lines ..

Production management and organization

Providing legitimate benefits to people and society

Effective organizational management creates harmony and synchronization in the rural working community. Providing legitimate benefits to people and society . Generate better economic benefits for Vietnamese farmers

Solutions to improve production capacity

In the face of fierce competition today, we are committed to satisfying and meeting the needs of customers by improving production capacity, providing products that are both high quality and at competitive prices. paintings like; Training responsible, professional and technical human resources. Invest in equipment, machinery and technology innovation. Applying advanced and modern technology to improve product quality, efficiently produce and reduce finished product prices to satisfy domestic and foreign markets.